From the desk of our new R17 Assistant Surgeon General – Coleen from the USS Lilith.

We’re going to continue hosting the fitness challenge that started last year with the Solar System Step Challenge. Congratulations to everyone who participated in that challenge, and I look forward to your participation in this one. This challenge is currently regional, but we’ll see what the new administration brings. Since it is regional, we’re doing a “Hike R-17” theme.

January Weeks and Turn-In Dates:

Week 1: January 1 to 6 (turn in on the 7th)

Week 2: January 7 to 13 (turn in on the 14th)

Week 3: January 14 to 20 (turn in on the 21st)

Week 4: January 21 to 27 (turn in on the 28th)

Week 5: January 28 to 31 (turn in on Feb 1)

Please note there are some changes and a new URL for the turn-in form (the big one is the option of active minutes for inclusivity):

Please share this challenge with your shipmates and encourage everyone to participate. Together, we can go further.

Live Long and Prosper,

Coleen Parker Assistant Surgeon General, R-17 STARFLEET Medical