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Welcome to Region 17 of STARFLEET!

Region 17 is made up of the states Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.  We hope you enjoy your stay in our region at your nearest ship.

STARFLEET is the International Star Trek Fan Association Inc.  But you may just call it SFI if you wish.  Basically SFI is a group of 5,000 Star Trek and Science Fiction fans who like to get together to do all kinds of different things.
What is a ship or chapter?
SFI is made up of individual chapters.  Each chapter is designated as a ship (or in some cases space stations or other space vessels).  The ships are made up of the members and are the core backbone of STARFLEET.  It is through your nearest chapter that you will have fun and meet some awesome people.
What kinds of things do you do?
Every chapter of STARFLEET is completely unique.  Some chapters focus on COSPLAY, Role Playing, community service, or just meeting at various events.  So really what types of things you do in SFI completely depends on what the chapter likes to do.  In my chapter we have a meeting every few months and whatever ideas are brought up during that meeting is what we plan on doing for the next several months.

We have gone bowling, to baseball games, to the shooting range, and had grill outs.  If you want to know what each chapter likes to do then it is best to contact them, or check out our Region 17 calendar.  We try to keep this up to date but contacting your local chapter is the best way to learn what is going on.

Are you not the social type?  That’s okay, we have chapters for you too!  Join one of our several Correspondence Chapters.

What is a Correspondence Chapter?
A correspondence chapter is a chapter where they do (almost) everything online.  You will likely be communicating primarily through forums or facebook.  Some do occasionally get together for special events but it is not every month like meeting chapters.

If you are interested, head over to our chapters page and find the ones marked as Correspondence in their city name.

Do I have to join STARFLEET?
You do not have to be a member of SFI to spend time with chapters.  If you want to join the chapter officially that may be a different story.  Some chapters do require an SFI membership to join their chapter, while others do not require it.

Even if membership is not required, you really should think about joining.  You get a lot of benefits for very little cost.

How do I join STARFLEET?
Joining STARFLEET is simple, and really cheap. It only costs $15 for an entire year of membership.

To join go to sfi.org/join and fill out the application. Be sure to choose your nearest ship when you sign up.

Chapter Events

There are no events.