February 2023 “Hike-17” Step Challenge

Hi everyone! Thank you to everyone in the region who participated in the January Step Challenge. There were some amazing numbers that will be posted soon, along with certificates that will be going out as well. And now a word from our Assistant Surgeon General, Coleen Parker.

R-17 is continuing our “Hike-17” challenge! January was a strong month, and I’m glad to see so many people participate!

Let’s make February a bigger month! February Weeks and Turn-In Dates:

Week 1: February 1 to 3 (turn in on the 4th)

Week 2: February 4 to 10 (turn in on the 11th)

Week 3: February 11 to 17 (turn in on the 18th)

Week 4: February 18 to 24 (turn in on the 25th)

Week 5: February 25 to 28 (turn in on March 1)

Start – La Barge, WY
Dry Piney Rd – 10 miles (150 active minutes)
Big Piney – 20 miles (300 active minutes)
Shafer Ditch – 30 miles (450 active minutes)
On the Ridge – 40 miles (600 active minutes)
Forty Rod Creek – 50 miles (750 active minutes)
North Beaver Creek – 60 miles (900 active minutes)
Sand Rock Creek – 70 miles (1050 active minutes)
Hoback Guard Station – 80 miles (1200 active minutes)
Hoback Campground – 90 miles (1350 active minutes)
Snake River – 100 miles (1500 active minutes)
Welcome to Jackson, WY – 110 miles (1650 active minutes)
Finish – Grand Teton National Park Welcome Sign – 120 miles (1800 active minutes)

Please note the URL for the turn-in form (with options for steps OR active minutes for inclusivity): https://forms.gle/79dEkubgiqte1GYt8

Please share this challenge with your shipmates and encourage everyone to participate. We are also accepting folks from outside R-17 if you have an SFI buddy on another ship. Together, we can go further.