Region 17 has an annual awards program to recognize chapters, and individuals, who have gone above and beyond in their service to STARFLEET, and the surrounding community.

Program Details

About the program

Based off of the original program written by Admiral Johnathan Simmons, Fleet Captain Bob Buckeley, and Brigadier Debra Kern.
Revised by Regional Support Officer, Captain Dave Foster and Regional Coordinator, Brigadier Bran Stimpson.

Ratified by the Region 17 Council of Commanding Officers and approved by Regional Coordinator, Brigadier Bran Stimpson on Feb 25, 2005.


The Region 17 Awards Program recognizes our hardworking and exceptional STARFLEET members in good standing. These people are recognized for their participation and support of STARFLEET and Regional Activities, going beyond the level of the average STARFLEET Region 17 member.


The Regional Coordinator will decide the best way to present the Regional Awards.

Certain Region 17 Awards are submitted to the STARFLEET Awards program as Region 17’s nominations for the corresponding International Award. The STARFLEET level awards are presented at the STARFLEET International Conference.

Regional Awards Committee

The Region 17 Awards Director will chair the Region 17 Awards Committee and carries no voting privileges except in the event of a tie. The Awards Committee will be made up of one (1) volunteer from each chapter/shuttles in the Region. Each member must be from a different chapter/shuttles. No Commanding Officers, Executive Officers, Regional Staff, or Brigade Staff members will serve on this committee. If a member of this committee is nominated for an award, an alternate will be chosen to vote on that award category.

All nominations are sent to the Region 17 Awards Director for distribution to the award judges. Nomination forms will be available in the Awards section of the Region 17 website or by request from the Awards Director.

Certain awards, as in the Individual Awards are not judged by the Regional Awards Committee but are judged by the Regional Coordinator.

Nomination Requirements

All regional awards require a written nomination consisting of no more than 750 words. Nominations are to be sent to the Regional Awards Director, who in turn will see that they are distributed to the Regional Awards Committee.

All Region 17 chapters and their members will be eligible for Region 17 Communications Awards. Communication awards cover websites, newsletters, and promotional materials. Promotional Materials are defined as booth displays, Fliers/Brochures, Business Cards, and PowerPoint Presentations.

Chapter Web Site of the Year
Shuttle Web site of the Year
Chapter Newsletter of the Year
Shuttle Newsletter of the Year
Best Overall Presentation any Media
Best Overall Flier/Brochure (Black and White)
Best Overall Flier/Brochure (Color)
Best Business Card

Charity/Community Service Recognition Awards
Charity/Community Service Recognition Awards are defined as those awards that require
community service or charitable donations. Donations can be time, labor, or donated items.

The Order of George & Gracie
The Order of Bajor
The Order of Boothby
The Order of Hikaru Sulu
The Order of Dr. Leonard McCoy
The Order of Edith Keeler
The Order of Ambassador Sarek
The Order of Captain Janeway
The Order of Surak
Overseas Coupon Award
The Great Bird Humanitarian Award

Individual Awards
Individual Awards are defined as all the awards that are presented at anytime throughout the
year, to multiple winners, and highlight exceptional service to the organization.

Region 17 Medal of Honor
Region 17 Medal of Valor
Helping Hands Award
Distinguished Service Award
Achievement Award
Starfleet Academy Achievement Award
Recruiter’s Award
Ambassadorial Citation
Jonathon Archer Fellowship Award
Annual Awards
STARFLEET Region 17 Starship of the Year
STARFLEET Region 17 Shuttle of the Year
STARFLEET Region 17 Commanding Officer (CO) of the Year
STARFLEET Region 17 Flag Officer of the Year
STARFLEET Region 17 Officer of the Year
STARFLEET Region 17 Enlisted member of the Year
STARFLEET Region 17 Junior Member of the Year
STARFLEET Region 17 Mother Ship of the Year
Pat Stewart Medal of Excellence