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Get Involved

Do you want to get more involved in STARFLEET but do not know where to start?  Use this guide to help give you ideas.  This will start with basic ideas of how to get involved at the chapter level and then give ideas of how to get involved at the highest levels of STARFLEET.

Find where you would be comfortable helping out and go for it!  Even if that means just joining more of the community and not actually taking on any additional leadership roles right now.

Know your talents

The first thing you might want to do is to make sure you know what your talents are, or at least what you would like to do.  Are you good at managing WordPress sites, making newsletters, handling numbers for finances, or coming up with creative ideas for people to do?

Figure out what you would like to do, and then find where you can offer your services.  Generally people start out at the chapter level, and then after proving themselves they move to a region and then finally fleet level position.  But don’t let that get in your way, there is no requirement to start at the Chapter level if you cannot fit in there for some reason.

Officer Command College

STARFLEET Academy offers many courses you can take for free, some on science fiction or fantasy, and others on real life stuff or even things that can help you out in your career in STARFLEET.  At the very least you should take Officer Training School (OTS) and Officer Command College (OCC).  OCC is a difficult and time consuming course, but is generally seen as a requirement for most positions within STARFLEET.

So if you do want to help out with SFI on any level, start by signing up for and taking OTS (which is rather easy) and then OCC.  You can start on these courses as soon as you get your SCC number.

Even though these courses are a general requirement, most of the time you can still start working in a position while you complete the courses, as long as you are showing a continued effort to complete them.


The first area you can get involved is in your local chapter.  If you are not in a chapter then find the closest one to get involved with.  Even if you cannot attend events regularly you can still provide great assistance to a chapter.  What a chapter needs the most is dedicated people who really want to see the chapter succeed and excel.  Trust me, a chapter can always use more dedicated members who want to see it grow.

Most chapters have different departments.  Departments each have their own duties within the chapter.  Contact the chapter and find out what openings they have available.  Or ask what each of their departments do.  Either find an open department you can volunteer to help with, or ask to help out as an assistant to an already staffed department.  Too much help is almost always better than being under staffed.  Plus an additional person can bring in ideas that the others may not have thought of.

Examples of how you can help a chapter include:

  • Medical officer
  • Chaplain
  • Webmaster
  • Event Organizer
  • Newsletter Writer/Editor
  • Marines

SFI Marine Corps

The STARFLEET Marines are a more military side of STARFLEET.  Typically they dress up in Marine uniforms, help out with ceremonies and flag presentations, or do other things that go on in the military.  They also are involved in a different competitions, such as a book reading competition, or charity functions.

Contact the local Marine Commandant and your local chapter about the Marines.  If they do not have a Marine unit, maybe you can help start one up.


The next level above the chapter would be the Region.  Regions are made up of chapters within multiple states.  Region 17, for example, is made up of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Regional positions can include being an Inspector General (IG), Communications (Website, newsletter), or other positions.  If you want to help out with a certain position or see what is available check out our Region Positions page.  If you are stuck or have an idea that is not listed, feel free to email the Regional Coordinator or the Chief of Communications.


STARFEET is made up of members, and without members who volunteer nothing would get done and this organization would fall apart.  We need people like you, people who want to get involved and help, to keep the community strong and thriving.

Staying Informed

The easiest way to get involved is to just stay informed of what is going on.  You can watch some of what happens in the behind the scenes by joining the Official SFI Business List, the SFI Announcement List, or the non-business discussion list, Ten Forward.

Getting Involved

Your STARFLEET experience is what you make of it.  If you want to just be a member of a chapter and not do anything to help out, that’s fine, but if you want to see this community grow and be made better then find where you can fit in.  You will get to know some amazing people, some annoying people, and you will get some great experience as well.

How do you get involved in SFI?  Is there something I missed?  Leave a comment below!

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