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We are proud to serve the members of Region 17 by connecting you with a Starfleet chaplain that can best serve you.

Need some counseling or talk to someone confidentially?  Someone in the hospital that could use a visit?  Have some spiritual questions that you could use some guidance with?  These are some of the things your chaplain could help you with.

If you do not have a chaplain in your chapter then your region’s Chaplain Liaison can help connect you with another chaplain, or fill that role for you.

What do chaplains do?

STARFLEET Chaplain Services is designed as an outreach to the spiritual and moral needs of Fleet members in order to express an avenue of love and hope to those who may require assistance in those areas and will be made available at the discretion of the Chaplain Services team in order to provide said assistance throughout all regions within STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association.

What is the Chaplain Liaison?

The Chaplain Liaison for the region oversees all of the chaplains within the region. This includes making sure the chaplains meet the minimum requirements to be a chaplain as well as offering advice and assistance to any chaplains in the region.


Regional Chaplain Liaison
Name: Jon Zenor
Email: Jon@ussZebulonPike.org
Ship: USS Zebulon Pike
State: Colorado


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